Book a Librarian


Book-a-Librarian allows you to receive one-on-one help with a staff member at the Fishersville Main Library or the Churchville Branch Library. By scheduling an appointment, we can ensure that you will have up to 1 hour of uninterrupted, one-on-one help on the topic of your choice. Fill out the appointment request online or make a request in person. We will match up your request with a staff member who can best assist with your needs. That person will contact you to set up an appointment. Please allow 2-3 days for a response.

How often may I use the service?

Patrons are limited to two 1-hour sessions per calendar month.

Where is this service offered?

This service is offered at Fishersville Main Library and Churchville Branch Library.

 Who will be helping me?

Your information request and staff availability will determine which librarian will be able to assist you.

Please note that this is not a research service. It is a reference service designed to guide you and help you make the most of informational resources.

What types of topics can library staff assist with?

  • How to use the ACL’s electronic resources, such as downloading ebooks, searching databases, etc.
  • How to operate a cell phone
  • How to fill out an application
  • How to search the internet
  • How to set up an email account
  • Help with citations
  • Proctoring an exam
  • Basic computer skills such as creating a document, spreadsheet, navigating the operating system, etc
  • One on one reader’s advisory or reference questions
  • Homework Help
  • Citation Help

We’re sorry, but library staff cannot:

  • Provide advice on medical, legal, financial, or business issues, but we can refer you to resources that can help with your topic
  • Create, type, or proofread documents for you
  • Complete or submit online forms or applications for you
  • Assist with credit card transactions
  • Appraise art, coins, antiques, or other collectibles
  • Answer computer Programming questions
  • Answer networking questions
  • Answer in-depth questions about operating systems, including but not limited to downloading and installing operating software
  • Assist with computer maintenance
  • Answer hardware questions
  • Hardware/software recommendations, but we can provide access to information regarding options